Blazer Guideline

Guideline to Men’s Casual Blazers

Everybody knows that a casual blazer is a great essential piece to have in the closet. They are simple classic adaptable pieces great for style combination and mix and match purposes. The blazer wraps the final look together with a tasteful touch.

The possibility of having an outfit turn out poorly with a blazer to top it off is very low, which is why design masters suggest keeping at minimum two to three staple casual blazers in your wardrobe. Regardless of whether a formal or casual event they are the ideal expansion to any outfit for pulling a fresh respectful look together. 

Want to Look Awesome in a Blazer?

Consider these 3 simple categories:

1. Style: Is this a formal or more casual blazer? Is the style meant for everyday wear? Is it really just a blazer for those special accessions? 

2. Fit on you: Is the jacket tailored enough? Does it fit right on your shoulders or across the chest? How is the length for your arms? How does the length sit on your upper body?

3. Shade: How does this shade pair with your skin tone? What season is it? Does the shade go well with the current season (lighter tones for Spring / Summer months and darker tones for Fall / Winter months)


Picking the Right Blazer Type:

To go for more of an everyday look, we see the trend heading towards the twofold breasted blazers with fix pockets, and unstructured shoulders. You can pair your casual blazer with a light t-shirt or crewneck sweater depending on the season. How you mix and match is really up to you, your liking and your style. 

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