Building your Personal Style

Insights on How to Build Up Your Own Personal Style

Your sense of style represents your personality. The clothes and accessories you wear speak a magnitude of you as a person. Whether you wear branded clothes or you are a proud fashion aficionado wearing not branded clothes, it does not matter. As long as you can rock your look, you are perfect!

A common misconception is that to look good, you need to make expensive purchases from designer brands. This is false, all you really need is just a sense of style and a dash of ingenuity. With a wide array of choices to choose from for your wardrobe, you can definitely come up with the best outfits to express yourself. The hard part is building your personal style and picking out those pieces that will fit into your style arsenal.

One way to determine your style is to seek for inspiration. Fashion magazines are always a great place to browse along with fashion blogs. Find inspiration through those you admire, google your favourite celebrity and see how they dress to impress. Take advantage of the free web, search and browse the web until you find some styles that pertain to who you are. The key here is to be comfortable and true to your personality. If you like that odd puke green sweater with the dog on it, then why not? As long as you truly love it.

Think of your style as your trademark. Don Cherry never fails to entertain with his suit collection during hockey updates. Find your "thing" and stick to it and voila! Your now officially have a style. 

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