Finding that Perfect Blazer Fit

Choosing the Best Blazer Jacket That Fits

Stylish men use blazer jackets to add more emphasis to their wardrobe. Men’s fashion has evolved beyond functionality and purpose. With blazers and jackets being such an essential nowadays, the men's retail market is becoming saturated with highly expensive brands that can cost a high arm and leg.

Here at Louie Supply Co. we're bridging the gap between designer brands and the consumer. We provide an array of popular international designer brands to keep your wardrobe looking fresh without you having to dig too deep into your pockets. The designer brands we carry hold the most stylish blazer jackets and we're here to give you the 411 on how to determine the best fit just for you!

For starters, the sleeves must be of the correct length. Always make sure that the sleeves fall just right on top of your hand when standing up straight with arms to your side. Depending on your stature, the width of the sleeves can also have a big impact on how the blazer fits. When trying on the blazer, the most flattering look will also be the most comfortable one, where motion is not restricted.

For structured jackets, they will host shoulder pads. Inevitably, the shoulder pads will extend slightly into the sleeve of the blazer jacket. Individuals with narrower shoulders will be able to experiment with more shoulder padding but once again, enjoy the pads do not constraint you from movement. 

Moving on to the collar of your blazer, it is a must that it surrounds your neck elegantly without bunching or wrinkling. It should never be too tight or too loose. The lapels must be flat no matter what when the jacket is worn open or closed.

The bust area of the jacket is pretty straight forward. You want the bust area to not wrinkle when trying on your blazer. You can never alter a jacket with a narrow bust. However, you are able to bring a jacket in if you find the larger size is a better fit overall. Don't be afraid to give the jacket a few alterations! Remember, the key is to have the jacket be a perfect fit for you, not the other way around. 

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